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When you use site services, you delegate your personal information to us. So we are doing everything we can to ensure that we keep it safe and that you monitor your data.

Please read the Privacy Policy carefully so that you know what information we collect and what purposes we use and how you can modify, export or delete it. the website is an information resource that exists for information purposes and is open and accessible to everyone. With the help of our resources, we develop knowledge of gambling in all manifestations as well as their legitimacy, reliability and security. Place your own publishing professionals in this resource with great, multi-year experience in this field.

Usage rules

As part of this portal, you accept the following terms and conditions. If you are not satisfied with these terms and conditions, please do not use this portal. The contents of the portal are for information purposes only. The owner, management and authors will not be held legally responsible in cases of abuse of this information.


All materials contained in this resource are subject to copyright. Copyright prohibits third parties from copying, modifying, publishing, publishing or unauthorized use of material posted on the site. The portal also provides materials from third-party developers. All these materials are supplied with links to the original source. In the case of any problems or anything that violates your copyright, please contact the owners of the project. They will remove the content immediately.

Personal information reports that the processing of personal information provided by portal users will be carried out in accordance with the law. In accordance with it, the processing of information will be based on the principles of legal and transparency.

The user is informed in writing about the process to be taken:

Exclusive: The user has the right to choose whether to provide their personal information, but in the latter case you will not be able to use the website.
Collection method: This information will be collected electronically and/or by computerized means, within the legally binding security and legal parameters.
Data usage: Personal information will not be used for purposes other than that provided.

User Rights: user can do the following:
Confirm or deny the existence of data in the site’s database.
Getting information about the origin of personal information.
Find out about the status, method and purpose of the information collected on the website.
Getting data modification, correction, blocking or deletion.
Expressing disagreement with the use of personal information for advertising or promotional purposes.

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