1win Aviator App Download for Apk and iOS in India

1WIN Aviator offers the best app for the game in India. You can download the app directly from us, so the game is always at your fingertips. 1win Aviator allows you to play even on older phone models in the game for money. The latest version of the game for Android improves the gaming experience with apk file. Learn how to download the APK App without the Google Play Store and about alternatives for iOS on Apple smartphones.

1win Aviator ยป Download
Developer ๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿ’ป1win Aviator
Product version ๐Ÿ–ฅ๏ธ13.09
Installation file size ๐Ÿ’ฝ8.3 MB
Installed software volume ๐Ÿ’พ22 MB
OS โš™๏ธApp mobile iOS, Android 5 or above
Price ๐Ÿ’ตFree
Language ๐Ÿ—บEnglish, Hindi, etc.
Available countries ๐ŸŒIndia, EU, USA, etc

Aviator app screenshots – mobile version interface

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1win Aviator APK Download App – How to Install?

The 1WIN Aviator App for APK has several advantages. From an improved real-money interface with aeroplane flights to additional features, In addition to the game 1 Win Aviator on Android, you will get the bonus payment options provided for the version. Check out our 1win APP download requirements and information for Indian players.

Installation from third-party sources for 1win Aviator app

Before you start installing the Aviator from the official website, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Go to “Privacy Protection” settings
  2. Under “Special permissions”, select “Third-party sources.”
  3. In the appropriate window, select the browser to install the game APK
  4. Allow access to mobile device
  5. Confirm action

After installing the 1 Win Aviator app, you can restore these settings on your mobile. It is a temporary measure to download.

third-party sources

Turn off Google Play protection for the 1Win Aviator game app

The second mandatory action to download the Aviator APP will be to disable Google Play Protection. All you need to do the following steps:

  1. In the Google Play app, go to your profile
  2. Choose “Play Protect”
  3. Go to the settings by clicking on the “gear.”
  4. Allow access to mobile device
  5. Disable scan
  6. Confirm action

Installing the 1win aviator app is also a temporary measure. After downloading, you can return the settings on your mobile device.

turn off google play protection
latest app version

1win Aviator App Download APK – Latest Version

Now, you can download the official 1Win app for Aviator on Android. On our official website, go to the download section. All you need to do the following steps:

  1. Make sure you have enough space to install
  2. Click “Download App”
  3. Specify way to download the mobile app
  4. Confirm the action and wait for the download
  5. Install the apk file

That’s it; the 1win Aviator app icon will now appear on your desktop. To log in, use the data you provided when registering on the site.

system requirements for android

System requirements for the Android version

Users can download the 1win Aviator app on almost any Android device. But for the best gaming experience, you should familiarize yourself with the minimum system requirements. For stable operation and maximum performance, you need:

Android version number ๐Ÿ“ฒfrom 5.0 and above
RAM or temporary memory volume ๐ŸŽฎ5 MB
Memory for installation ๐Ÿ’พ8.3 MB
Storage-free place ๐Ÿ’ฝ23 MB
Internet access ๐ŸŒYes

1WIN Aviator Latest App Version for India

1WIN Company provides a state-of-the-art application 1win Aviator APK for all players. With the release of the latest version, players from India can play on the following smartphones:

  • Asus Rog Phone/Zenfone
  • Google Pixel
  • Huawei
  • Oppo
  • Lg
  • Meizu
  • Samsung
  • Xiaomi

The app Aviator from 1WIN supports any device to play with Android OS version 5 and above. In addition, the latest updates speed up the gameplay and allow you to enjoy the cash game fully. Now, the game of aeroplanes is available to everyone.

latest app version in india

1WIN Aviator game app on iOS – how to download?

Unlike Android phones, iOS devices do not have the “one win” Aviator App. For players, there is an alternative emulation application. You need to do the following to create an emulation and not go to the official site with the game.

For Apple’s native browser, first download the link. Insert and activate https://1wppqsd.life/casino/play/1play_1play_luckyjet/ to download. If someone is sure they will need the link in the future, keep it in their program bookmarks. Then it would help if you did the following:

  1. Click ยซShareยป
  2. Click “Go to Home Screen” and click “Done”

This is not a complete replacement for the Aviator application. However, this procedure is 100% safe for your device because you do not install third-party files on it.

download app for ios
system requirements for ios

System Requirements for iOS

For the 1win Aviator app to download on your iOS smartphone, it must pass the minimum requirements. For playing and win money comfortably from your smartphone, your phone must have the following minimum specifications:

iOS ๐Ÿfrom 10 and above
RAM or temporary memory volume ๐ŸŽฎ5 MB
Free space ๐Ÿ’พ100 MB
Storage-free place ๐Ÿ’ฝ1 GB
Internet access ๐ŸŒYes
registration via mobile app

Registration and login to the 1WIN Aviator betting app

Persons over 18 years of age have the opportunity to register their account directly in the 1Win Aviator game app. To do this, after downloading the game, launch the game icon on your smartphone. At the first login, a registration window will open; you need to do the same steps as on the official website:

  1. Select the registration option
  2. Fill in your details
  3. Provide a login and password
  4. Enter the promo code to activate the bonus
  5. Verify your account

After that, you can easily log into the 1Win Aviator game from the app. To do this, use the data you entered when creating your account. You can also use your data from the official website.

Bonus for new players when registering with the 1Win Aviator App

Immediately after registering with the 1win Aviator app, you can get a welcome bonus on top of your deposit. The bonus is up to 500%, depending on the number of your deposits. To get this advantage and play and win even more, you need to make four deposits of a certain amount and follow the instructions:

  1. Copy the promo code in the registration window
  2. Enter it when making your first deposit
  3. Get a bonus of up to 500% on your account

The 1win Aviator deposit bonus through the app has a limit of up to INR 80000. Immediately after depositing, you can use this money for real bets. To get the bonus amount on your app account, you need to play a few successful rounds for a significant amount, which the player can withdraw.

bonus for app users

Promo code to increase bonus in 1win Aviator app

To get the maximum bonus, when depositing in the 1win Aviator App, it is recommended that you use the promo code “BOING777”. It will increase several of your deposits by up to 500% and a maximum deposit of INR 80040. It would help if you did not miss this opportunity, as the bonus money can be wagered and increase your chances of winning at 1win Aviator games via the mobile app

bonus BOING777
login in game via app

How do I log in to the 1win Aviator game via the app?

You must make a few clicks to play 1win Aviator through the app. Find the red aeroplane icon on your screen. Tap the icon and wait for the download. After launching the app, the main menu will open, where you must enter your details, just like in the PC version. To play, you need to log in to your account and find the game in the list of crash slots, for this do the following:

  1. Sign up if you don’t already have an account or use an existing one
  2. To play for money, deposit the minimum payment amount
  3. Go to the “Casino” section and find the 1win Aviator game
  4. Place a bet on the odds
  5. Watch the flight
  6. Withdraw your winnings

The 1win Aviator app also offers a demo game function free of charge.

Difference between 1win Aviator App and PC version

Why use 1win Aviator mobile and download the app to play on mobile? In addition to the basic functionality that is available on the official website, you can also get many bonuses that are not available in the browser version of the game. Of the features that distinguish game client through website, include:

  • Additional deposit and withdrawal methods are available only in the app
  • Accelerated game performance, which will improve the results of rounds
  • User-friendly interface, customized for mobile phones
  • Lower energy and traffic costs

For a better gaming experience, you can install the 1Win Aviator App with the APK version on your smartphone and play the browser version on your computer. This will allow you to always bet at the best time and place.

app version or browser
deposit and withdraw in app

Withdrawal and Deposit from 1win Aviator App

Like the official site, the 1win Aviator app has various deposit and withdrawal options. In addition to the main payment methods, the app provides additional options such as:

  • UPI
  • PhonePe
  • Paytm 
  • Google Pay

You can also use the standard payment methods for money transactions in the 1win Aviator app:

  • Bank Cards
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Electronic money

As with the PC version, payment operations are very fast, taking only a few minutes to complete. Sometimes, or if there are problems with the banks, it may take up to 24 hours. Cryptocurrency transactions are instantaneous.

Benefits of the Aviator 1Win app

Anyone can download the 1win Aviator App for a quick game of their favourite crash slot and more. With the game always at your fingertips, the mobile app is an ideal option with several additional benefits:

  • Extensive range of slots and various crash games
  • Quick access to your account without additional user verification
  • Protection system from 1win casino, which does not allow the possibility of hacking or loss of account
  • Technical support 24 hours with which you can contact in live chat and get a quick answer or assistance
  • Notifications and mailings, various bonus programs for users in the application
  • Frequent updates to increase performance
app benefits


Yes, but this app also allows you to play other games and make real-time bets.

Which 1win Aviator app is the real one?

The Aviator.apk app is the official app from 1win for playing online slots via smartphone. It allows you to play without delays and anytime you want

What is the point of the 1win Aviator app?

The app’s primary function is to bet on odds and withdraw winnings anytime. Depending on the odds, starting at x1.1, you will make a profit before the plane leaves.

Can the 1win Aviator app be hacked?

The app is 100% secure and cannot be hacked. The Provably Fair security system protects your account from being hacked.

Yes, the app is available in many countries, including India. It is entirely legal and safe.

Aviator Download Application Reliable?

The mobile app on your device is completely secure. For the safety of the client, 1win has many protection methods in place

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